Vincent Fischer

  • 唯创国际咨询

    Entertainment agent in China, Vincent Fischer lives in Beijing full time with his wife and two children. 

    Following a Montreal HEC business school's BAA, he has worked 18 years in Montreal, New York and London, where he has been a major player in sponsorship (agent at Symbioses, Montreal and New York) and events production (Global business development Director at Capital Events, in New York and then London). 

    Vincent moved to Paris in 2004 as an endorsement executive (agent at GlamCom), signing large global deals such as Penelope Cruz for Honda or George Clooney for Nespresso.

    He then started the entertainment agency ECI in 2009.

    Vincent has written 3 entertainment marketing books, published in Canada, France, USA and Korea. He speaks French, English, some German & some Chinese (HSK4 exam passed). He holds a French passport, a Canadian passport, as well as a Chinese working permit.


    "Vincent Fischer understands the Chinese investment funds' objectives and requests"

    Maggie Huang, Managing Director, Fosun Entertainment Group


    "Vincent Fischer is doing a great job bridging China and Europe film industries"

    Ivy Zhong, CEO, Jetavana Capital


    "Congratulations for the launch and future endeavors of your agency 唯创国际咨询! Wish you the best, collaborating with Chinese filmmakers!"

    Xiao Tian Miao, President, China Film Coproduction Corporation


    "Vincent Fischer's resources in Europe's film business are great for China"

    Felice Bee, President, Huayi Brothers International


    "Vincent Fischer knows his way in China's movie business"

    Maxon Xu, CEO, Heyi Capital


    "Vincent Fischer has a high level knowledge and network in China's movie industry"

    Doris Guan, Deputy General Manager, Poly Cinemas


    "Congratulations! Looking forward to working with you"

    Fenghui Zhang, General Manager, Stellar Megamedia Group


    "Vincent Fischer knows how to deal with actors in China"

    Tiger Chen, actor


    "Vincent Fischer has a great knowledge of the China film business culture"

    Jean Mizrahi, CEO, Ymagis.


    "Vincent is China's most powerful European agent"

    Aton Soumache, CEO, On Entertainment.


    "Thank you Vincent Fischer for having initiated and negotiated the CHINA EUROPE FILM FUND. We are very happy to be the CEFF's European founding partner"

    Vincent Grimond, CEO, Wild Bunch.