Eriq EBOUANEY was born in France, and spent most of his childhood in Cameroon. Eriq moved back to Paris when he was 12 where he finished secondary school and university.  He joined the theatre company La Baignoire in the mid-90’s and continued to work on stage with several French theatre groups, until he got his first lead in Raoul Peck film "Lumumba".

Since then, he had worked with Gérard Depardieu, Jean Reno, Antonio Banderas, Liam Neeson, Orlando Bloom, James Frain, Julian Sands, Tahar Rahim, John Malkovich, Kevin Costner…and with such directors as Brian de Palma, Ridley Scott, Olivier Dahan, Olivier Assayas, Jean-Jacques Annaud, Park Chan Wook…

Eriq EBOUANEY's films roles include "The Transporter 3", "Hitman", "Three days to kill", the South African drama "Cape of Good Hope", the Irish thriller "The Frontline", the italian comedy "Bianco e Nero", the Australian drama "Disgrace", the Korean horror film "Thirst", as well as the French comedies "Case Départ" and "The Crocodile of Botswanga".