What happens under the moonlight when the world is dreaming? When we calm after a long day of work and dream about tomorrow, while a whole other world, outside, is waking up? The NIGHT GARDEN is where nothing is what is seams. Bioluminescent creatures play in a glowing new world, where shadows have color, the landscape is painted with light and the laws of nature are transformed into surrealistic, glowing, fascinating new forms.

After its opening in 2017, visual theater show NIGHT GARDEN toured extensively in Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal, China and Brazil.

eVolution Dance Theatre was founded in 2008 by the American artist, Anthony Heinl and it’s an innovative fusion of dance, art, acrobatics, magic and illusion. Thanks to his training in chemical sciences and almost three decades of experience in theatre and dance for Momix, Heinl has developed a unique performing style mixing illusionism and acrobatics with the use of new materials and visual effects.
eVolution Dance Theatre mesmerized sold-out audiences in Europe, America and Asia and partnered with the likes of Walt Disney, The National Ballet Company of Florence, Italy's Got Talent , Mac Donald’s Foundation and more.