• ADEN (Shanghai): Head of Chinese entertainment accounts. Aden, with 26'000 employees, is a major innovator in the Integrated Facility Management services industry.
  • AEROPHILE (Paris): Chinese agent. Aerophile is the world leader in balloon flight since 1993.
  • ENCORE VOICES (Los Angeles): Chinese agent. Dubbing company ENCORE VOICES works with the latest interactive rythmo-band technology for clients such as NETFLIX, PARAMOUNT, AMAZON, JIM HENSON, VOLTAGE, etc.
  • ON ENTERTAINMENT (Paris): Chinese agent. On Entertainment is Europe's leading animation studio (The Little Prince, Playmobil, Miraculous Ladybug, Young Jules Verne, Pinocchio, Badalisc, Little Nemo).
  • YMAGIS (Paris): Chinese agent. Ymagis is Europe's leader in advanced digital technology services for the motion picture industry, and the owner of ILLUCITY VR ADVENTURE PARKS.