• ADEN (Shanghai): Head of Aden Entertainment, Sports and Leasure. With 26'000 employees, ADEN is a major innovator in the Integrated Facility Management services industry.
  • GROUPE ENTOURAGE (Montreal): Chinese exclusive agent. GROUPE ENTOURAGE is a leading TV and live shows producer.
  • ILLUCITY VR (Paris): Chinese exclusive agent. ILLUCITY is Europe’s largest VR parks company.
  • ON ENTERTAINMENT (Paris): Chinese exclusive agent. On Entertainment is Europe's leading animation studio (The Little Prince, Playmobil, Miraculous Ladybug, Young Jules Verne, Pinocchio, Petronix, Power Players).
  • YOULE (Guangzhou): Head of International. YOULE is China's leading online education platform for LBE professionals, owned by China's leading producer of seminars & conventions for Entertainment executives.